Tuesday, December 26, 2006

lol, internet war

On December 20th, 2006, an internet raid was conducted on the radio show of white supremacist Hal Turner, known for his support of violence against minorities. During the show, an unusually large amount of prank calls were made, loosely organized through internet forums and IRC.

The following is a summary of events as described from a (now deleted) post at the VNN forums, as recorded here.


Thursday, Mr. Turner decided to go through the caller ID list he gets from his phone provider, Vonage, and post the numbers he believed were the pranksters. Out of the 12 numbers posted, 8 were obvious caller ID spoofs, and 4 were actual minors who didn't use online telephones like Skype, or were too dumb to hit *67. So Hal decided to pursue this as revenge by posting the numbers on his site and going after the website that coordinated the radio prank by sending off e-mails to have material on that site deleted and the IP addresses of the posters revealed. However, Mr. Turner claimed his lawyers did the emailing, when actually the e-mail was so misdirected, it was obvious that Mr. Turner did it himself.

Friday night, Mr. Turner got an unwelcome surprise. The online pranksters purchased background information and solicited other online databases to find Mr. Turner's house number. Yes, his actual house number, and decided to call him up for extra laughs. Mrs. Turner answered the phone and she wasn't too excited to hear from these pranksters. She threatened to call the police after the caller failed to identify his name and phone number for Mr. Turner to call back. She started to get angry, threatened to post the caller's phone number on the Internet and claim Mr. Turner was not available to take the call, however Mr. Turner got on the phone after a few minutes. The caller told Mr. Turner to remove all information on his website regarding the pranksters, the caller ID lists, and the comments area or his personal information, including his house number, would be posted online. At first, Mr. Turner acted like he would not submit to their demands, and hung up, however after a flood of random phone calls from people on the Internet started, Mr. Turner gave into the harassment, removing all the information that the caller demanded.

Mr. Turner got on his website and submitted to these pranksters demands, removing all the information they requested and replaced it with MERRY CHRISTMAS.


On Christmas Eve, he reposted the caller information, pledging to "punish [the crank callers] with a fury [they] have never encountered." Claiming the continued prank calling resulted in threats to his family, Turner issued his own threats:

The ONLY thing any of you are accomplishing is raising the level of brutality I intend to use when I take revenge.

Here is how I will mete out justice according to the action committed:

1) Some of you are going to get the shit beaten out of you.

2) Others are going to be beaten to death, and finally;

3) Others are going to have firebombs thrown through the windows of their houses WHILE THEY ARE HOME and when they - and their families come out, their throats will be cut.

This is the price I will exact for :

1) Harassing my wife (who has nothing to do with my radio show)
2) Recording the harassment of my wife and putting it on the net and
3) Harassing my senior citizen mother.

I am so motivated to to physical violence to these people that I don't even care to state my intentions publicly. Neither cops, nor Prosecutors, nor Judges will be able to stop me.


Using the legal system to get their identities is one thing, payback is quite another.

I don't have to win in court, I only need to win out of court.

Street justice. Get it?


I meant every word and I absolutely will carry out every word. Nothing on earth can prevent it.

You dare say I put myself in this position? Fuck you. You guys called MY show. You guys Crank Called and threatened MY wife. You guys crank called and threatened my mother.

I didn't start this, but I will God Damned well finish it.

Laugh all you like. We'll see how hard you laugh when my hand is crushing your windpipe and you're drowning on your own blood.


Please provide a decent argument for wanting people KILLED, for PRANK CALLING your show and you.

Talk about overreacting.







sp0rkz said...

4chan wins again

Ravion said...

I hope as many as possible gets to see this, and that some serious pressure is put on Mr Hal Turner

moose said...

/r/ his phone number ect.

Elmer Frazier said...

This Fucking Shit Hole Blog was set up by a bunch of Juvenile Delinquents who still Shit in their diapers. These Nigger Loving Nigger Dick Suckers want & feel the need to suck Hal Turner's Dick.

You Stupid Son-Of-A-Bitches won't feel like winners long after Hal somehow stomps your Fucking Asses.

Anonymous said...

>> moose
/r/ all his other information too!

>> Elmer Frazier
hey, it's now our fault you got aids from your dad.

and i bet this hal'tard turns out to be jewish too :0

Jerk said...

Elmer, you are a subhuman. Please report to the nearest suicide booth. Thank U.

p.s. Hal Turner eats poo

Aryan Barbarian said...

What a bunch of nigger loving, jew loving pussy boys.

I have one question, what kind of daddy raises fags like you all?

Elmer Frazier said...

There is at least one Nigger Loving girl who is amongst these Twerps. She needs to be tied to a tree and horse whipping on her bare Ass. She doesn't know how to respect her Elders. She mouthed off to me on Nikki Nigger Lover's Blog.

The Turd Knocker going as Trix has it right. Trix is for kids who still Shit in their diapers. And no Trix Twit, your new Great Hero who is me does not have AIDS and my Dad never molested me.

And to the Nigger Loving Jerk, you need an attitude adjustment as well. You can be horse whipped as well. You do not speak to your Elders as you spoke to me. Someone will kick your Ass one of these days. Hal does not indulge in your Shit eating pleasures.

Chip said...

If you actually have screenshots or logs or any kind of recorded evidence, I would seriously suggest that you hand them off to the authorities. Guys like this don't deserve any freedom, let alone the opportunity to spew his filth over government controlled airwaves.

Shakou said...

I found this over on the livejournal community Drama_awsome. Mu screen name on livejournal is SachiCoon.

There are a couple of things wrong with this. The fact that Hal COMPLETLY over reacted over some prank phone calls. It happens. Get the fuck over it and move on. If it pisses you off that much, call the phone company and file a complaint, or get your number changed. But prank phone calls are NOT a valid reason to "beat" a person "to death". You would think that at age 44, he would be mature enough to realize that. Of course you'd also think that at age 44, he'd have a life too.

Second, though it's obvious these death threats of his are just the talk of a disgruntled pissed off former mentle patient, he made the dumbass mistake of announcing to the world what he was going to do. IF he in fact plans on following through with these threats, people will be ready. I know I would. We keep a rather large gun collection that my boyfriend inherited from his grandfather in our apartment. People would be getting their heads blown apart if they even came close to our home with the intention of doing harm.

Elmer Frazier said...

Shakou, is that a Nigger name?

Shakou said...

Elmer...isn't that the name of the fat retard hunter from the looney tunes?

netZombie said...


What do you expect from someone who has a redneckmobile for his profile pic? :)

Shakou said...


WellFuckMeSideways said...

Elmer Frazier, simply because daddy enjoyed diddling your no-no-zone as a youngin' doesn't give you enough of a reason to put on your angry face at your computer screen when you read those mean black letters that don't agree with your mindset. I'd suggest refraining from capitalizing every other word, sir. You are not refering to a book title.
Simply both you and I share racist tendancies and likely live in Texas does not mean I am still not superior to you :)
PS. /r/ pics of redneck bein buttsexed by daddy for internet lulz.

Rex Mundane said...

"These Nigger Loving Nigger Dick Suckers want & feel the need to suck Hal Turner's Dick."

...Hal Turner's Black?

tunginobi said...

Look's like poor Hal's bitten off more than he could chew.

He's like a little dog, cornered in an alleyway. He's barking, barking, barking but deep down he knows there's no way out. No escape.

As long as there is Anonymous, and Hal has not fallen, there will be by far the mightiest force for him to face. Anonymous is greater than any one or few individuals. Anonymous is greater than the USA. Anonymous will be around long after we've abandoned this world.

And Anonymous does not forgive.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Elmer Frazier real name:

Steve Holsten
611 W 9th St
Kennett, Missouri

His son Chris Holsten is facing pedophile charges in Dunklin county during a pedophile sting done by the police.

You can check it yourself by going to Missouri case.net and searching for Christopher Holsten in the 35th district there.

Holsten is a mentally disabled racist suffering from cerebral palsy which accounts for his mental retardation and racism.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Here is one of the many evidences that Steve Holsten himself is a pedophile.


Steve Holsten also wants the age of consent for sex lowered and is on record saying he would fuck a 14 year girl if she threw herself at him. He is in his mid 40's.

All pedophiles believe that it's the children that are throwing themselves at them and they are the innocent victims.

The pedophilia of the HOlsten's is also reflected in his adult son Chris.

Kid said...

Elmer, you seem to have some kind of scatalogical obsession there: you make several references to people messing their undies, and another to eating excrement (that's poop to you). Whatever floats your boat there, buddy, but perhaps you shouldn't be the one casting stones here, hmm? Also: punctuation - learn it, love it, use it.

"Aryan Barbarian said...

What a bunch of nigger loving, jew loving pussy boys.

I have one question, what kind of daddy raises fags like you all?"

Well, for one thing, I'm a blond-haired, blue-eyed male, still with his foreskin attatched, so I guess that, while I could be considered aryan (in the technical sense at least) I'm clearly not a Jew. Though if you're offering to be my daddy, I would be interested in taking up the offer.

Tell me, do you give spankings?

Oh, and five bucks says your first thought or intended reply has something to do with 'knocking me the fuck out'. Honestly, you people are so predictable...

Anonymous said...

>> tunginobi
Anonymous is greater than any one or few individuals. Anonymous is greater than the USA. Anonymous will be around long after we've abandoned this world.

And Anonymous does not forgive.


>> Elmer Frazier
sorry, mr. i-was-molested-as-a-child,

i'm not a faggoty american like you. (no offence to the decent americans out there)

anonymouse said...

Haha, Elmer's talking about me, and still talking about scat and diaper fetishes (BAWWWWW!!!).

I thought that was more of a furry thing, but it seems that rednecks also get the fever.

Elmer Frazier said...

Schwartzo the Nigger Loving Nigger Dick Sucking KIKE follows me around the net. He gets pissed at me because I won't let him suck my Dick, and then he tells these lies about me.

James said...
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Shinobu said...

Elmer your Ad Hominems do not add 1 cent of credibility or superiority in your case. you are after all an inferior sub-human asswipe who cannot compete as an invidual so you use Race as an excuse to feel superior due to lack of self esteem or Brain Matter. Even a child with a 6th grade education can beat you in an argument. Take away the swearing and personal attacks and your words are nothing but the barking of a Sodomized Little DOG.

read (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem)
This is why we're superior and you are not. Understand? Rational people create Space Shuttles. Assholes like you fill up sewers and graveyards. Take your White Supremecists friends back to the era were they belong. In some Backwater country pilledging and Raping Villages. Thats where your idiology is more compatible with. :)

James said...

Dear racist nazi scumbags:
WWII is over, you fucking lost. Badly.
My African American best friend is going to Harvord with a 4.0 average, while you and your kids are festering in a trailer with no air conditioning. Seriously, I hope you all blow off your testicles while you're cleaning your precious "boom-sticks" so that you can no longer sew your tainted seed.
In all likelihood, when you realize that society no longer accepts your racist ways, you'll drink yourself into a coma, and become a vegetable for the rest of your shallow existence.


Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...


---***> http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/ddos-attack-takes-down-hal-350186.html

Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...



Ziggers said...

Hal Turner - the early years?

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Ikhû said...
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Ikhû said...

Elmer Frazier and Aryan Barbarian,

I can't help but notice that the two of you continue to elude to issues pertaining to your sexuality, and how they pertain to that of the other forum members. In short, it would appear that you two are trying to "check out" the other members of this public gathering.

In clinical psychology, we refer to this as the "curious phase." It does not mean that you two are quite comfortable with even staying in the closet yet, but it does imply that you two are beginning to become more and more aware of your respective sexual orientations.

Dr. Phil has much to say on this particular issue, but there is no easy thing that you two can say nor do. It is merely a matter of trial and error, and getting comfortable with your feelings.

We're here to help you Elmer and Aryan, but you need to make some decisions first. Are you ready to join the side of love?


Nicole said...

where did 7chan go

kraven said...

lol. funny....

Just Some Cool Finds

Elmer Frazier said...

Listen here, you little Twirps. Your new Great Hero which is me is still not a Faggot.

Shakou said...

That sure sounds like the talk of a faggot to me!

Jesus said...

Hahahahahahaha Hal got owned

End If Kris said...

We do not forgive
we do not forget

Elmer Frazier said...

All you're going to do is Shit and fall back in it.

Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...

The Stormfronters are still at it: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/ddos-attack-takes-down-hal-350186p4.html

What bullshit, lol.

Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...

Same old, same old: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/ddos-attack-takes-down-hal-350186p4.html


Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...


AvengingAngle said...

End It Kris said: "We do not forgive
we do not forget" (sic)

Love the lack of punctuation there, Krissie. Seems like one child got left behind. Third grade still the best three years of your life? But thanks for pubically admitting you and your group are not Christians and would basically be the ones nailing Jesus to a tree (figuratively and literally). Didn't think any of you were that honest.

AvengingAngle said...
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Faith said...

@ AvengingAngle:

The internet is serious fucking business, eh?

Faith said...
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