Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Got One!" - Hal Turner Tracks Down DoS Douchebag

While looking through these forums, I noticed the following screen shots (click for larger version):

At first, I was very concerned. As irrational as physical violence against prank callers is, I did not doubt it would be possible. After all, Hal seems to have his own personal army to conduct violence for him (listen here).

However, my concern turned to laughing my ass off when I noticed the next screen shot:

Thanks to Anonymous for the screen shots; you've been a big help. :)


Peter said...


tunginobi said...

Hal is amazing! He can beat people up with Google Image Search!

Shakou said...


Joel said...

Wow. Took me two tries to find the picture in Google Image Search. I found it a few pages in with the keywords "bloody face"

Spielmonster said...

For those of you who don't know who Hal Turner is, read this:

He's about as terrible as person as you can be without outright killing someone. I hope more people DoS him.

Elmer Frazier said...

Another day and you Turds still want to suck Hal Turner's Dick.

Hal is one of the finest White citizens there ever was. He fights the good fight for our White race.

sdfg said...

Yeah, Elmer, he's certainly showing us by googling up random images of teenagers and throwing them up on his shitty web page with the claim that he's "beaten them up."

You really are one sad fucking dumbass.

James said...

Uh-huh...Elmer Frazier, you seem to know your stuff. Tell me something: Who won World War II? Don't know?

We did.

You, Mr. Frazier, and the rest of your nazi-fucking-kind lost.

And another thing, I'd like to let you know that I just finished banging my half-Jewish African-American girlfirend whose brother just enrolled at Harvord with a 4.0 average. If your redneck mind can't understand what that means, it means HE IS A FUCKING SMART PERSON.

Seriously, get your ignorant nazi propaganda the fucking hell off the internet.

Elmer Frazier said...

Wrong Dickhead, you can't call me a Nazi. I've always said that Hitler lost and to get the Fuck over it and move on.

Not all Racially aware Whites like Hal & I are Nazis. Knowing the role of Niggers & Shit skin Mongrels doesn't mean we are Nazis.

James said...

Well, I'll give you that nazi thing. That was just me pissed off.

but the absolute LAST thing you are is "racially aware". If racist shitheads like you and Hal were racially AWARE, then you'd be AWARE enough to how fucking moronic you are, and how bad you're making America look.

America is about the sharing of ideas and beliefs with other countries, races, and cultures. Capitolism, is what America is about. It's not about the white guy, or Christianity even. America NEEDS the Spanish, the Asian, the African, Isreali, and Jewish people. If america were just a big country of White people, then it'd never last.

You might try and argue that what your doing is "fighting the good fight". Answer me this: If you guys are really "fighting the good fight", then why do so many people reject your ideas?
Because your ideas are lies.

Pure fabrication, pounded into your subconcious by your racially IGNORANT redneck parents from the moment you were shat out of your mother's womb. Just like their parents did to them, and probably what your doing to your kids right now.

So go back to your trailer, and buy your kids some fucking Accelerated Reader. The Internet is no place for you.

Kaos said...



ummm...i visited his website just now...i cant find that "Got One" news item :( Hmmmm...i wonder why it got taken out... :D

on a brighter note, i found this very interesting article on Encyclopedia Dramatica

which...umm...pretty much sums up my very fair view of Hal Toolhead Turner :D

...and to elmer fudge...*sigh* Tool.

James said...

Elmer, you fail for being a tool.

shortarabguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elmer Frazier said...

Sorry you feel that way James. Blacks are in the minority, but according to the FBI stats they commit the majority of crime. Black on White crime exceeds White on Black. Most Mexicans are here illegally. MTV has convinced White girls that it is Ok to date blacks. They're screwing the White race out of existance. For all these reasons; I am protective of the White race.

Most Whites feel the say way I do, but they are terrified of being labeled a Racist. They'll laugh & go on in private, but they hide behind Political Correctness publically.

Jonathan said...

The fact that much crime is committed by blacks is true. This is because most crime happens in the inner cities, shit heaps inhabited mostly by blacks. You know why they are there? Because assholes like you put them there. Crime is a product of bad conditions that ignorant shitheads like you forced them into for 300 years.

James said...

You still seem to fancy yourself an intellectual, "Elmer".
Well let me tell you something, and remember you heard it first here: You. Are. A. Tool.

A tool to be used by people like Hal, who want America to be a communist nation of white people with low paying jobs. failing to realize that it takes more than screaming "Oh mah Gawd! Them nigraz have more jobs than us White folks!! And Mexican hate crimez is on the rize!! Somebody Help us!! Oh look itz Hal turner! He'll save our festering asses! Oh wait! Hal got his ass kicked! Oh no!" to get out of the fucking gutter. It takes an education, which you clearly lack. Seriously. I'm 28 years younger than you, yet I am verbally making you my bitch.

Let me tell you something else. The people who we laugh and make shitty jokes about aren't blacks. It's redneck hicks like you.

the only people who laugh at black jokes are people like you.

Get the fuck over yourself, and get the fuck off the internet.

Go do something productive like grow corn.

James said...

Sorry guys, I'm done with this communist pig.
his "overwhelming brilliance" is leaving me all teary-eyed.
I'm gonna go do something fun, like "telphoen" hal turner. ;)

Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...

The Stormfronters are still at it:

What bullshit, lol. Sure like they will really find them... will they?

James said...

As much as they'd like to, they can't. They like to make us think that they can though.

khushnood said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Beakerz said...

lol wow Elmer is one pitiful SOB, he was talking like this on another blog as well and got his personal info posted by a private investigator

Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...

Same old, same old:


Martin Luther King/ Jr. said...


horizon said...

James - learn to fucking spell. You aren't helping your cause any by typing like a twelve year old.

And to all of you saying "get your nazi propaganda off the internet," go fuck yourselves. As far as I know, America still somewhat respects constitutional rights, and that includes the freedom of speech. So if Hal Turner or anyone else wants to say they're better than anyone else, fucking let them, because they have as much right to say what they want about White Supremacism as you twats do about equality. So grow the fuck up. They aren't trying to DoS any of your sites, and they haven't done anything towards any of you. So cut the shit, and if you don't like what they have to say, write an editorial column or start your own anti-Hal-Turner blog, if you feel the need to validate your existence through such petty means, but don't fucking DoS them. Not only is it retarded and juvenile, it's illegal. Whereas free speech isn't.

Jonathan said...

I could care less about free speech. Hal Turner is an asshole. His words are bullshit. I hope the sites doing this to him never stop.

Jonathan said...

And don't give me that freedom bullshit. Because if you had it your way, you would suppress the freedom of other races.

James said...

They've stopped. But the only reason they've stopped is because they've won. Hal said it himself, he is taking down his radio show.

All I can say is this:

Horizon- Congratulations. That statement wins you the realization that you wasted five minutes coming up with something you thought was witty to say to someone who doesn't give 2 shits about what you think. (or what your parents TOLD you to think, Am I right guys?)

Elmer- Grow some fucking balls you putrid sack of a man. Reaffirming your heterosexuality by calling someone a "cocksucking diaper wetter" doesn't make you any more of a man. If anything, you're proving that you're a pedophile, and have a thing for michael jackson.

I'm leaving you neo-nazi white supremacists with this one final statement, and let it follow you to your grave: DESU.

Let that word haunt your small minds forever.

zig-zag-rag said...

Erm, I think old Hal is on the verge of winning here.

He has such a history of 0telling porkies for sympathy that we can assume that his $2000 bandwidth debt is another one - but his fans will be paying for it. So that's a win.

He has also managed to suggest that the supposed calls to his supposed 'mom' were the cause of his ging apeshit ands threatening violence. AFAI recall that isn't the case. He was drowning people in their own blood BEFORE the calls.

However, people are starting to shuffle around and justify themselves. Old Hal has not only introduced the concept of morality into the lulz, he has squirmed onto the high ground.

DC said...

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing you Americans have:-

My favorite thing about the Internet is that you get to go into the private world of real creeps without having to smell them.
—Penn Jillette

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important.
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Mandarin said...

Pasty white gal with blue eyes and brown hair here, and I absolutely love my 3/4 Spanish 1/4 Asian man. He's smart, well traveled, loving, and generous. Pretty much the perfect man.

Having a bit more than 2 braincells to rub together (unlike some), I know that all races have a minority group who think all others are "monkeys" and "dirty".
The racists within the races need to be "curb stomped" and castrated so they can no longer breed their flawed genes into future generations. Forced castration is illegal though. A Pity. least this is what I thought until I realized something. Only like minded people would tolerate such a thing in a person. Those numbers are constantly shrinking, and soon the only "pure races" will be heavily inbred and even more retarded.

I love it. Nature always finds a way to punish the hopelessly stupid. It's just a matter of time.

Just my 2cents. Apologies for the babbling. ;)

Anonymous said...

who's the hot chick in the background with the video camera??

Elmer Frazier said...

If you think Hal is gone; then I have a bridge in Arizona to sell you. I've been proudly listening to him since 2000. He occasionally takes breaks to catch up financially & etc, but then he's not gone yet.

Rex Mundane said...

Turner's masturbatory pretense of assaulting a minor is at once laughably pathetic, and frighteningly psychotic, as is his understanding that his fanbase enjoy the idea of bleeding children who have the audacity to harass a man who incites violence for no better reason than race.

As far as Elmer here, look people, there is, in fact, no arguing with him. Not because he's right, but because there is no way to approach an argument with a creature who refuses to see logic. "Blacks live in high crime Areas, therefore they cause crime!" is the same kind of logic by which I could sell Elmer a pet rock that protects from tigers. (After all, there are no tigers around here are there?) He's the type of cretin who'll post anything just to get people angry, and tell himself "If Ive gotten you angry it must be because I'm right." He, like his golden god Hal Turner are ignorant putzes with too much free time on their hands, and the kind of psychological defect that makes them feed on the hatred they create for themselves. Elmer does not deserve your, my, or anyones attention. Seriously, just ignore him. Hal on the other hand is a leader with an audience, and deserves to be crushed for the pathetic pile of dogshit he is. Beat him to death with the intertubes I say.

Jesus said...

Elmer Frazier is obviously some stinking kike, who enjoys sucking off faggots like Hal Turner.

Anonymous said...

Elmer, I'm dreadfully sorry that your parents raised you in such a way that you became such a pathetic, angry, and hateful individual.

I could just go into a string of swear words ending with a clever meme, but... I'll keep this short.

People like you are doomed. Doomed to watch as their homes and worlds change around them for the better while they refuse to evolve. There was a time when we "minorities"(I'm black by the way) were afraid of people like you, but now... I just pity you. We're not the monsters who need to be destroyed, you are.

I don't think you can "cleanse" america by emulating the very criminals and rapists you hate so much.

I'll go ahead and end with

as well, dispite what I said earlier.

John said...

All this is noisy and swell but it's no Reichstag fire. Man, THEN the fascists REALLY grabbed the reigns! Those were the days!

SergeyMM. said...

hahaha ... elmer my good man, you'll need to reflect on your believes a little bit longer .. actually scratch that, let me be the one to point out where you're dead wrong.

1) The rate of crime has less to do with race and more to do with social status.

2) Girls date black guys for one of two reasons:
a) They like them as a person.
b) to spite their racists father.
MTV has very little to do with this.

3) No, most white people do not feel the same way you do. If they did, you'd have much more support on forums like these.

4) You're a douchebag. no seriously, elmer, buddy, it's not to late to drop your (daddys) ignorant beliefs and become a decent member of society ... think about it.


That screenshot doesn't look anything like Hal's website. Wrong font style and doesn't even have the "look and feel" of Turner's original site.

In my opinion this screenshot is bs.

Sophren said...


You've obviously never used Linux before.

Did you also know you can go into browser options and change fonts yourself?

If that isn't enough for you, a large number of people personally saw it on his website. Turner took it down very quickly once it was determined the picture was ripped from the wrestling site.

I'm not quite sure why he thought he could get away with it..


Not just the doesn't look anything like Hal's orginal site.


It is also very convenient how the picture on google to compare to the alleged "Hal" site was found so quickly...

Think people, THINK!

Leon said...

Am I the only one who noticed Bloody face in his google search bar?

leifrathai said...

No, what is convenient is how you found the picture on a shitty free tripod site, one of which looks like it took a person 5 minutes to create.

Also, the other convenience, that the site: - can no longer be found. This is the url of the site blured on the screenshot.

The other thing that's funny, I type 'bloody face' in google, scroll through 10 pages, yet cannot so easily locate this image. Perhaps because I am located in England, so my searches may differ.. please post a screenshot/urls of your results.

..and one other thing, stop using that bullshite called Firefox, use a decent browser like Opera..

Rimmer said...

I know it's not fake because I saw it myself. And the reason it was found out so quickly was because a horde of /b/tards and /i/nsurgents were trying to verify it. I was there.

Blair said...

I have one thing to say, and one thing only. Racists: Lock them up. Shoot them. Gas them. I don't care. Just get them out of here so te kids can grow up free to like/love whoever they want. Then it's just religion standing in the way of world peace.

NCWall said...

Firefox is a decent browser.